USGBC Alabama Chapter

Pervious Concrete for Storm Water Management

June 24, 2010


Date: Thursday, June 24th
Time: 11.45 - 1.00 PM
Location: Alagasco, Center for Energy Technology
20 South 20th Street, Birmingham, AL 35295

Speaker: Matt Offenberg, W.R. Grace & Co.

Specific topics covered in this presentation include:

  • How Pervious Concrete Works
  • Permitting Rules for Pervious Concrete
  • Pervious Concrete and LEED

Program Description:
Pervious concrete is one of the hottest topics in the world of land development today. Pervious concrete pavement is a unique and effective means to address important environmental issues and support green, sustainable growth. By capturing stormwater and allowing it to seep into the ground, porous concrete is instrumental in recharging groundwater and reducing stormwater runoff. Pervious concrete is traditionally used in parking lots, areas with light traffic, residential streets, and pedestrian walkways.

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